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MLB Top Highlight Videos 5/22: Willy Adames follows Soto’s lead and homers in second MLB at-bat

Willy Adames became the second top prospect in as many days to go deep in their second MLB at-bat, Jarrod Dyson committed robbery, and the league leaders in home runs just keeping hitting more of them.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

To leadoff our top MLB highlights from yesterday, we have the work of the young Willy Adames. While his callup was long overdue and the Rays, for the sake of consistency, have made it clear that he won’t be up for long, Adames made the most of his opportunity on Tuesday as he took Chris Sale(!) deep in his second at-bat of the game.

Meanwhile, a couple of things were happening in DC. The first highlight to showcase from the Nationals-Padres game is courtesy of centerfielder Michael A. Taylor. While Taylor got a bit of help from a legitimately bad slide, that Taylor even had a play at the plate with baserunner is wild. That what being able to throw 98 mph missiles from center to home will do for you though.

Earlier in the same game, Bryce Harper came to the plate tied for the lead in homers in the National League. It appears that Bryce does not like sharing, so he launched his 15th home run of the season.

This didn’t happen in a game from yesterday, but it was still wild. One of the interesting stories from this season has been the rise of Shohei Ohtani. There have been a few ups and downs on the mound, but the man has legit power at the plate. Case in point: in this batting practice video, he nearly put a ball out of the stadium.

Another sterling defensive play came from the glove of the DiamondbacksJarrod Dyson who robbed the BrewersDomingo Santana of a homer to straight away center. It felt like that ball hung up forever, but Dyson timed his jump perfectly and snatched the ball just as it was going to squeak over the fence.

Remember when I said that Bryce didn’t like sharing the home run lead...well, this is the guy he was briefly sharing the lead with. Ozzie Albies’ power numbers this year, especially when you look at his track record in the minors, are kind of nuts. Here he is connecting for number 14 on the season against the Phillies.

While Bryce and Ozzie battle for home run supremacy in the National League, Mookie Betts just keeps setting the pace over in the American League. We all knew he was good, but I am not sure if we knew he was THIS good. This is his 16th home run of the season.