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MLB Top Highlight Videos 5/23: Aaron Judge hit a home run that hasn’t landed yet...probably

Today’s MLB highlights include Aaron Judge killing a baseball, a couple great throws, and a great catch by a fan

MLB: New York Yankees at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Here are today’s highlights from yesterday’s slates of game.

Let us get this out of the way. Aaron Judge is a very good baseball player and his ability to hit baseballs really far is particularly strong. Here he is hitting what is rumored to be the longest home run in the history of the park in Arlington (unverified) but is the longest one hit by a Yankee this season....which is impressive considering what this lineup has been doing this year.

On the defensive side, Kole Calhoun saved the day for the Angels. After the Angels took the lead late in the game, Curtis Granderson was on third and a sac fly was presumably going to score the tying run. Calhoun was having none of that and gunned him down for the double play.

J.T. Realmuto has been one of the few bright spots for the Marlins this season. Here, he uses an insane pop time to nail Amed Rosario at second base despite the fact that Rosario got a great jump and is quite fast.

I have this strange fascination with guys getting hits, and especially home runs, off of pitches they have no business doing anything with. Case in point: Colin Moran took a high offering from Matt Harvey and tomahawked it out.

One of the things that Statcast is doing these days is assigning star value to catches based on degree of difficulty and the probability that it would normally be caught. Well, Ronald Acuña Jr. got himself four gold stars for this catch. He almost doubled the runner off at first on the throw, too.

Have to give some love to this Yankee fan who made a tremendous grab in centerfield. Other than sacrificing his body to go back over the rail to make the catch, note the defensive positioning here. He had the berm basically to himself, which is a strong odds play. However, the ball tailed back into the crowd and he went and got it. Nice work, sir.