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The 30 Best Names in the 2018 MLB Draft

One of the best parts of the MLB Draft is every year introduces us to a group of great new names.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida vs LSU
Jon India
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One of the best parts of the MLB Draft is that every year 30 clubs select players for 40 rounds. Over 1,200 players will be selected on a yearly basis, and when you add 1,200 new names you are bound to find some good names.

This year is no different than any other year, and here are 30 of the best names in the 2018 MLB Draft.

Note that some of the names aren’t pronounced in the way they’re being used here.

30.Eric Cole, OF, Arkansas

Who knew our new editor was so talented that he’d be taken in the 2018 draft?

29.Kingston Liniak, OF, California HS

This speedy outfielder has a unique name.

28.Trevor Tinder, RHP, Georgia

Had to swipe right on this name even though he likely doesn’t get drafted.

27.Bryce Montes De Oca, RHP, Missouri

Montes De Oca is a big flamethrower with an exotic name.

26.Noah Song, RHP, Navy

This one would have been much higher if his first name was Brian.

25.Vinny Tosti, OF, California HS

This is the first of many names which bring to mind food or beverage.

24.Trenton Toplikar, RHP, UC Riverside

Presented without comment to keep it clean.

23.JT Ginn, RHP, Mississippi HS

As if having a Beer in this draft wasn’t enough.

22.Oraj Anu, OF, Alabama JUCO

A member of the 2017 class as well, Oraj isn’t a new member to these lists. You see what I did there.

21.Sean Hjelle, RHP, Kentucky

This one is pronounced as “Jelly.”

20.Steele Walker, OF, Oklahoma

Steele Walker just feels like it would be the name of a character from an action movie.

19.Noah Naylor, C/3B, Canada HS

A catcher with a strong arm with the last name of Naylor is just too good to pass up.

18.Jordan Groshans, 3B, Texas HS

This is one of those names that sounds like something else.

17.Brock Deatherage, OF, NC State

This just looks like the name of a future WWE character.

16.Kumar Rocker, RHP, Georgia HS

The name Kumar always reminds me of the Harold & Kumar movie series, and for such an intimidating mound presence to have the last name Rocker it just fits.

15.Gunner Halter, RHP/INF, Oklahoma JUCO

This is actually the son of former big leaguer Shane Halter. However when you add Gunner in front of the last name, it definitely gets on the best name list.

14.Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State

A power hitter with the last name Bohm is just too perfect.

13.Rayne Supple, RHP, Wake Forest

This one doesn’t even sound real.

12.Cre Finfrock, RHP, Central Florida

Cre Finfrock is just such a different name that it immediately stops you as you see it for the first time.

11.Osiris Johnson, SS, California HS

This kid happens to be one of my favorite players in the draft regardless of name, but you can’t overlook how great the name is.

10.Coco Montes, SS, South Florida

How can anyone not find room on a list like this for a guy named Coco?

9.Seth Beer, OF/1B, Clemson

We already had JT Ginn. Whoever gets Seth Beer is likely to sell a lot of extra jerseys when he gets to the big leagues.

8.Edmond Americaan, OF, Florida JUCO

This name sounds more like an alias than anything.

7.Jon India, 3B, Florida

See above with Edmond Americaan...except Jon India definitely gives you some Ron Mexico flashbacks.

6.Gio Dingcong, OF, St. Thomas Aquinas

Here’s another name that doesn’t sound real, but the D2 slugger has had a great college career.

5.Blaze Alexander, SS/RHP, Florida HS

One of the coolest names in the draft, Blaze Alexander also has a special arm.

4.Al Pesto, RHP, Duke

Yet another food and beverage related name, this time Al Pesto.

3.Travis Swaggerty, OF, South Alabama

There are so many great Swag nicknames for one of the top players in this year’s draft.

2.Lars Nootbaar, OF, USC

Another name that’s not exactly new, but you just can’t get over how different and great it is.

1.Handsome Monica, C, UL Lafayette

When your name is Handsome Monica you probably get used to these lists, as the Louisiana Lafayette catcher has been drafted hefore.