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Daily Poll: Which team is best poised to be a big seller at the trade deadline?

We just got past Memorial Day weekend, but we are starting to get a sense of who is in contention and who is not. However, who is in the best position to sell at the trade deadline.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

While we are not even to the halfway point in the MLB season, we are starting to get a pretty good sense of the teams that are DEFINITELY not going to be in contention. Sure, some teams that are over-performing will come back to earth some and others that are hovering around the .500 mark can go on a bit of a run, but the teams are really bad right now are very likely to be really bad this year. Some teams in this category are very young and not going to be selling a ton of assets at the trade deadline, but others are...well, they may need to start from scratch.

The Cincinnati Reds seem poised to fully embark on a rebuild as they are coming off a bad year and this one is not looking good either. Scooter Gennett and Adam Duvall are going to garner interest, but Joey Votto (who certainly does not seem keen on the idea of being around for a years long rebuild) being available would be the biggest indication that the Reds are tearing things down.

The Rangers are in a similar boat and have some very interesting pieces to trade in guys like Adrian Beltre, Cole Hamels, and potentially Elvis Andrus. The Royals have seemingly finally realized that they are not going to be contending anytime soon and they have already started dangling guys like Mike Moustakas. The Rays probably should have started rebuilding a year or two ago, but they are kinda sorta hanging around with an okay record but likely will have little chance against the Red Sox and Yankees in that division. They have young talent coming up soon and trading pieces like Chris Archer and Wilson Ramos could bring enough talent make to make their rebuild a pretty quick one.

Finally, we have the Orioles, who are both really bad and in desperate need of a rebuild given deficiencies in their farm system partially due to their complete unwillingness to participate in the international free agent market. They also have the sexiest rental piece on the trade market in Manny Machado to go along with guys like Mark Trumbo, Adam Jones, Brad Brach, and Zach Britton that will certainly garner interest. The biggest question here is whether or not Peter Angelos will let a rebuild happen and that is far from a certainty.

So for today’s poll, which team is in the best position to be sellers at the trade deadline. If there is a team you think we missed, let us know about them and why. After you vote, make sure you make your case in the comments.


Which team is in the best position to be sellers at the trade deadline?

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