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The Red Sox placed Mookie Betts on the disabled list with abdominal strain

One of the game’s best hitters this year got placed on the DL because we are not allowed to have nice things

Atlanta braves v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Mookie Betts has been on a historic tear for the Boston Red Sox to start the season. Through his first 48 games in 2018, Mookie has hit 17 home runs, scored 52 runs, slashed a .359/.437/.750 line, and has already accumulated 4.1 fWAR before the start of June. There is no part of that that isn’t crazy and he is well on his way towards putting together an MVP campaign this year.

For the moment, though, that quest is on hold as he will have to miss some time.

The Red Sox announced yesterday that Betts was going to go on the DL with a left abdominal strain. Pegging how long he will be out is tough with muscular injuries like that as they can range from very minor and he will be back as soon as he is eligible or sometimes they can linger and he could be out more than a couple of weeks.

The Red Sox, as of this moment in time, have not announced who will be temporarily taking Betts’ spot in the roster. What is known is that with the Red Sox in an early heated battle with the Yankees atop the AL East, Betts’ production will be sorely missed.