A Wacky MLB Promotion for the 6 Last-Place Teams (BONUS- Angels)

Imagine if bill veeck still lived and were running MLB teams! What fun the last game in cincinatti would be! brad Ausmus had the spirit with #AllNineRomine, but that isn't quite as nuts as a bill veeck day. Without further ado...


"Try to Hit The Right Field Warehouse at Camden Yards Night "- Self-explanatory. Alt. "Who's better than chris davis night"


All Players wear crowns night. Making collisions painful, royals players wear crowns instead of caps.

RANGERS- Bartolo Colon Festival

All merchandise renamed to "bartolo's" (i. e., Bartolo's Hot Dog.) Players wear #40 in his honor.

Marlins- Marlins Man Audition

See who can become the new marlins man after Leavy cut ties, elected by fan vote from the stands with the MLB Ballpark App.

Reds- Michael Lorenzen All Nine Positions

Padres- Fans' game

50 Fans compete before the MLB game in a 6-inning (little league-style) game.


If this game doesn't matter, Field a team of celebrities in honor of Hollywood. The Dodgers would never do it.

A pet peeve i have about google is when you go to search a player and you get a celeb. with the same first name. Wil Myers? Will Ferrell! (He did play MLB...) Dakota Mekkes (Top cubs prospect)? Anonymous instagram celebrity dakota rose. Make them all play a game!

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