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Daily Dish 2018 MLB Draft Coverage Round-up

We at Daily Dish have done quite a bit of work on the 2018 Draft leading up to today. To get you caught up, here are links to all of it.

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Draft day is finally here and we finally get to figure out what teams are actually going to do once 7 pm rolls around tonight. We have been keeping a running tab on an older post of all of draft related content that has been posted on the site, but in the spirit of it being draft day and the fact that many of you are just now becoming familiar with the 2018 MLB Draft and actually caring what is about to happen, here are a bunch of helpful links to get you caught up.

Also, keep an eye on the site this evening as we will be make posts on every pick through the first set of comp rounds as well as having a live tracker that will post the picks as they happen and giving a quick pick grade for each one.

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