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2018 MLB Draft: The Cubs take Nico Hoerner with the 24th overall pick

The Cubs went with a college shortstop with a high end hit tool with the 24th pick

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the 24th pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, the Chicago Cubs selected shortstop Nico Hoerner out of Stanford.

The Cubs were linked to a lot of different players this spring, but they go with Nico Hoerner who has a strong track record of hitting in college although he doesn’t have a ton of power. The Cubs have liked taking college position players in recent years and things have worked out well for them with guys like Kris Bryant in the fold.

Nico possesses a plus hit tool who rarely swings and misses, but he isn’t particularly fast and doesn’t hit for a ton of power. As a result, he may end up as a second baseman or as a super utility guy for a team that loves to move guys around the diamond. Regardless of where he plays, he should get on base at a high clip and make consistent contact.