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Rangers release Lincecum yesterday

The veteran pitcher’s comeback tour is over.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have released veteran pitcher Tim Lincecum. This follows just months after Timmy’s huge comeback campaign, which began in December of last year.

Big Time Timmy Jim was on the mend from a blister he sustained during Spring Training. His thirty day rehab period with Triple-A Round Rock ended yesterday, forcing the Rangers to either activate or release him. They settled on the latter, deciding he was not a significant bump to their relief squad.

We’re now a far cry from the dominant Lincecum of 2008 through 2011: averaging 244 strikeouts a season, finishing with an ERA below 2.75 for three of those seasons. Oh, and those two no-hitters in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Lincecum was on top, the golden freak of baseball, and a pitcher who found a home on most people's fantasy teams. And then he wasn’t.

His career after that was less of a dream. Ultimately finishing 2016 donning an Angels uniform, the Freak hurled a 9.16 ERA over 38.1 innings. He went unsigned into 2017, riding off into the sunset as he quietly and painstakingly prepared for his great return to baseball.

Lincecum will once again hit the free agent market, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a team the likes of the Mets or Reds were to pick him up to fill some bullpen holes.

And yet, even with this substantial set back, I still have hope that one day the Freak will rise again and be the hero baseball needs. I really do.