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MLB Trade Rumors: Basically everyone wants Manny Machado

It is pretty much impossible to keep up with all of the Manny Machado rumors at this point.

Baltimore Orioles v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There are a lot of sites out there that post every trade rumor that exists out there. Most of the time, those rumors lead nowhere...but it is fun to think about possible trade permutations this time of year. However, this year is a bit different because one player’s future has cast a cloud over all others and that is the future of Manny Machado.

Most would agree that the Orioles would have been much better served to trade Machado this past offseason. The Orioles are awful and the return this past offseason would have been significantly higher than it will be at the trade deadline. However, it appears as though the Orioles have wised up that this may not be their year and have been actually engaging in trade talks...and the flood gates have flown up.

Over the weekend, we heard that at least seven teams have made formal offers for Machado. Again, not surprising given how good Machado is. However, it appears that a big chunk of the league is actively pursuing his services...which is exactly what the Orioles want to happen.

This is just the past 24 hours...

First we have the Yankees’ pursuit to put him at third base as they look to continue to keep pace in the brutal AL East.

We also have the Brewers as a potential landing spot with them being able to deal from their glut of outfielders at the moment.

The Phillies have been connected to a strong pursuit of Machado as well. They have the prospects to make a deal and they are locked up with the Braves for supremacy in the NL East the moment.

Finally, we have the Dodgers who have gotten far enough in negotiations to start discussing specific names from the Dodgers and have even floated the idea of trying to deal for Zach Britton while they are at it.

Now obviously all of this interest has varying degrees of truth to it and some of it could simply be teams trying to drive up the price and/or just test the waters. However, there is enough smoke there to see a potential bidding war take place in the coming days.

However, until Machado’s situation resolves itself...its hard to see any other big trades take place. With the amount of resources it would require to retain him and how desirable he is, the market feels frozen and may stay that way until he is moved.

Or someone will come out of left field and doing something no rumor mill caught and turn things upside down. Welcome to trade deadline season...even if it feels like The Manny Machado Show right now.