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Dodgers expected to send prospects-only package to Orioles for Manny Machado, per report

Baltimore and LA appear to have a framework for a trade in place that will send Manny Machado to the Dodgers

MLB: All Star Game Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We appear to be mercifully heading towards the end of the great Manny Machado sweepstakes.

The Baltimore Orioles have been very busy this trade season as they have been in possession of the most valuable rental player on the market (and maybe the most valuable available player period) in Machado. They have had a number of suitors including the Phillies, Brewers, Yankees, and Dodgers among others as they have attempted to finally hammer out a deal for the star infielder.

As of this moment in time, it appears that the Dodgers have won the bidding.

It is important to note that nothing is final, but the word for most of the day is that the Dodgers are heavy favorites to acquire Machado as early as tomorrow. It is likely that a deal would have been announced today except that all parties involved do not want to overshadow the All-Star Game. However, word has been leaking out at such a rate that it seems extremely likely that Machado will be a Dodger very soon unless the Phillies find a way to swoop in at the last minute with an offer the Orioles can’t refuse.

There is no word yet as to which prospects or even how many will be sent to Baltimore in the trade, but Baltimore has seemed to be shopping near the top of a lot of team’s prospect lists and have been known to covet Dodger’s pitching prospect Dustin May among others.

We are almost there, everyone. Once Machado is dealt, the rest of the trade market should be able to develop normally again.