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MLB Trade Rumors: Pirates, Braves, and Padres are all reportedly pursuing Chris Archer

Chris Archer is a hot commodity on the trade market.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

One of the hardest things to complete in baseball these days are deals for players with significant team control. We have seen the trade packages that have garnered the likes of Adam Eaton and Chris Sale in recent years and what buoyed the prices of those players was largely due to how much team control they came with.

For the last year or two (it feels like longer), one of the most intriguing names on the trade market has been the Rays’ Chris Archer. Archer has been a consistent performer on the mound for several years, is under team control through at least 2019 with options for 2020 and 2021, and is signed to a very reasonable contract. All of these things are appealing to any number of teams.

The Rays, however, have resisted the urge to move him. They have flirted with contention in recent years and trading away Archer, despite what the return could be, wasn’t in line with the organization’s short-term goals. However, with the Rays sitting at .500 and in the hardest division in baseball right now, there is more noise than usual surrounding a potential Archer deal.

That is a lot of teams that are at least kicking the tires on Archer. Archer will be expensive in terms of prospects to be sure, but most of the teams involved have more than enough prospect capital to get a deal done if the Rays are actually interested in selling before the deadline.

Another option for the Rays is to wait until the offseason to try and deal Archer, but his value may never be higher than right now with multiple contenders looking for rotation help for 2018 and beyond.

Archer has posted a 4.31 ERA and 3.62 FIP in 17 starts for Tampa this season.