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Here are your National League All-Stars

Here is a quick look at who the 2018 All-Stars from the National League are.

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The National League has a ton of outstanding players in 2018 with Freddie Freeman making his case as the best hitter in baseball, Nick Markakis having a career year, and Nolan Arenado staking his claim as the best third baseman in baseball. Max Scherzer is looking to add to his trophy collection with his work on the mound with Jacob deGrom and Aaron Nola hot on his heels. To help us sort out the best of the best from each league, we have the (admittedly imperfect) MLB All-Star game.

Yes, there are going to be snubs with the way the selection process is set up and there are going to be others that are named All-Stars that don’t necessarily deserve it, but for the most part, the All-Star game each season puts the best of the best from each league against each other and seeing that much talent on the field is a treat to watch.

Well all of the various votes have been tallied and we have the All-Stars from the National League.

Braves fans have been out in force this year with their votes, so Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis (for his 1st All-Star game appearance) have seemingly had their starting spots locked in for quite some time. Same goes for Brandon Crawford from the San Francisco Giants who was running away with the shortstop vote.