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Tyson Ross claimed on waivers by Cardinals (Updated)

Let the waiver wire games begin. An intriguing and inexpensive pitcher with some upside was just claimed on the waiver wire.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

With August comes the time of year where teams can still make deals, but only through waiver wire shenanigans. The general gist is that teams can put players on waivers and they can either trade only with the team that claims a specific player on the waiver wire or trade a player to any team if that player goes through the waiver process unclaimed.

In this particular case, we have the potential for the first option. The Padres placed pitcher Tyson Ross on waivers. This isn’t particularly noteworthy given that teams place lots of players on waivers just to see what happens without any strong intent. However, it seems as though Ross has garnered the attention of at least one club.

The Padres now have a decision. They must either take Ross off of waivers and keep him, trade him to the club that claimed him, or just let the team that claimed him have him for nothing. The last option is extraordinarily unlikely so it now comes down to whether the Padres and this mystery team can work out a deal for Ross or if the Padres are just going to keep him.

Tyson Ross has posted a 4.45 ERA and 4.55 FIP in 22 starts in 2018 for San Diego.


Actually, the Padres are just going to let Ross go as he was claimed by the Cardinals and he will join the team per Kevin Acee’s reporting.