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White Sox, Jose Abreu agree to three year, $50 million extension

The White Sox are staying busy early in the offseason.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The White Sox have positioned themselves as one of the more active teams early this offseason. Fresh off of their signing of Yasmani Grandal, the team was clear that they intended to make a push towards contention during the 2020 season. It is hard to blame them as the AL Central was seen by most observers as one of the weaker divisions in 2019 and with the Indians desperately trying to stay relevant there, one could understand if Chicago senses an opportunity in the coming years with their young core.

Jose Abreu appears to feature in those plans. Abreu was offered the qualifying offer after the season and, as expected, he signed that offer to stay with the team for at least the 2020 season. Now, it looks like both sides have agreed to keep him around for a bit longer than that.

Abreu isn’t a flashy star like some of the names we will hear a lot more about this offseason, but he is a steady power bat in the middle of the White Sox order. He doesn’t walk as much as one would like one of your better hitters to (just a 5.2% walk rate in 2019) and he is 32 years old, but he is pretty much a guarantee to hit around .280 or .290 and hit around 30 home runs which is real production even if you won’t get much more than that out of him.

With Abreu’s deal locked in and in the wake of Grandal’s signing, it will be interesting to see how the White Sox move forward this offseason as they have some real holes (back of the rotation, second base, right field, etc.) to fill if they are serious about contending next season.