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Marwin Gonzalez agrees to two year deal with the Twins

One of the more versatile players on the free agent market has a new team.

MLB: ALCS-Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Marwin Gonzalez may not have been the sexiest name on the free agent market this offseason, but he has remained one of the more interesting ones. With the current state of how baseball rosters are constructed, versatility is valued highly and Gonzalez has that in spades. Gonzalez has seen time at virtually every position on the field during his time with the Houston Astros and while he definitely grades out defensively better at some positions than others, his ability to fill in where needed made him an important piece of the Astros’ success over the last few seasons.

It also doesn’t hurt that Marwin has real offensive upside and he has some pop. His best season by far was 2017 where he posted a 4.0 fWAR season while slashing .303/.377/.530 with 23 home runs. While the rest of his seasons at the plate weren’t as good, he has still long been seen as the type of player that good teams want on their roster.

Other than a weird five minutes where Marwin was rumored to have signed with the Braves which was immediately debunked, there hadn’t been much news on Marwin’s market until recently. Now, it looks like he has a team.

Some thought that Gonzalez would make a bit more on the free agent market, but his mediocre year offensively in 2018 likely diminished his value a bit. For the Twins, Gonzalez is a great add for a team that could surprise folks in 2019 especially if the Indians fall off a bit. The AL Central does not appear to be a strong division right now and not only do the Twins have some interesting young players on the major league roster, but they have some help coming from the minors as well.