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MLB Trade Rumors and News: Yankees sign Gio Gonzalez, MLB eyes potential minor league pay increases

We had a signing yesterday plus it looks like improved MiLB compensation is gaining momentum.

MLB: NLCS-Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Gio Gonzalez is not far removed from being one of the better pitchers in the league. However, Father Time is still undefeated and while he hasn’t looked nearly as dominant in recent years, the Yankees found themselves in need of a potential rotation replacement and signed Gio to a minor league deal with incentives if he can stick in the majors.
  • The pay of minor leaguers has been a hot topic of late with the reporting by Emily Waldon of The Athletic plus the Blue Jays proactively increasing what they pay their minor leaguers. Now, it looks like MLB is looking at finding ways to increase MiLB pay in recent discussions. Long overdue given how many players have had to live on basically nothing, but a welcome development nonetheless.
  • Not only is MLB implementing some rules changes over the next couple of years, but they are also workshopping other rules changes in the independent Atlantic League to see how things work or don’t work. Stephen Tolbert took a look at these potential changes to see what impacts they could have on games.
  • Cleveland has signed veteran outfielder Carlos Gonzalez to a minor-league deal. Considering how weak their outfield is going into this season, Gonzalez stands a good chance at being back in the majors pretty soon.
  • While it seems like a clear cut, no-brainer deal for almost any team in need of a pitcher, our Stephen Tolbert breaks down the tricky part about signing Dallas Keuchel.
  • Let’s take a moment to be shocked and surprised: MLB’s revised roster rules could end up punishing the players. That’s thanks to a new limit on pitchers that will also cut back on roster space teams are allowed to have. While it’s yet to be confirmed, multiple reports have stated that come 2020, teams will only be allowed to carry 13 pitchers on their big league roster.
  • Major League Baseball announced several big rules changes, some of which will take effect this season and some that will not take effect until 2020. The highlights include a three batter minimum for pitchers, having just one trade deadline, and the winner of the Home Run Derby getting a whole bunch of Benjamins.
  • Our own Stephen Tolbert broke down the various new MLB rules and the various repercussions that they could have as they are implemented. Short version: some are good, some won’t do a ton, some are pretty weird.
  • Trading in baseball has just got a lot more simple. That’s because Major League Baseball will only have one trade deadline, effective this season.
  • Carlos Martinez’s status has been a question mark for the Cardinals all spring — and really dating back to last summer, as a shoulder injury limited him to working out of the bullpen over the season’s final six weeks. As that shoulder issue continues to hold him back, Martinez is likely to begin the season on the injured list, as manager Mike Shildt told media members on Tuesday. Miles Mikolas had already been anointed as St. Louis’ Opening Day starter, but Martinez’s absence officially opens up a competition for the Cards’ fifth starter spot.
  • We are big fans of Little League tactics being used in MLB games, and Miguel Cabrera pulled off an oldie but a goodie as he successfully executed the “hidden ball trick” against the Twins. Sure, it’s only Spring Training, and it may be against the spirit behind spring training in general, but we are here for it.
  • The Diamondbacks have signed veteran Adam Jones to a 1-year deal. After 11 years in Baltimore, he’ll head west to give Arizona more outfield depth, especially because Jarrod Dyson is still questionable to start on Opening Day.
  • The effect of the new three-batter minimum that each pitcher is forced to face under the new rule change is being underrated.
  • Steven Wright will not be a factor for the Red Sox for at least half the season, as the knuckleballer has been suspended 80 games without pay after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.
  • Harper-Trout 2020 is a ticket Philly fans could totally get behind. But is it too much of a pipe dream? Bryce Harper’s deal produced one real winner...Mike Trout, who can now basically ask for as much money as he wants and get it, because he’s Mike Trout. Does Philly have it in their checkbook to cut another amount of stupid money if Trout shows interest?
  • The 2019 Marlins will focus heavily on development, and we’re hoping for more fun and a newer, better, tackier Dinger Machine.
  • The Mets have hired ESPN Sunday Night Baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza as a special advisor to the baseball operations department. While this position may help prepare her for a full-time front office role down the road if she so desires, she’ll also remain in her existing role at ESPN for the foreseeable future.
  • Will the power ever come for highly regarded Cuban player Yandy Díaz? Díaz has no problem with smoking the ball, but his ability to send him out of the park will be tested this season.
  • Do free agents lose value when they remain on the market deep into the offseason? We took a look at the data, and let’s just say it usually helps them to sign sooner than later.