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Giants President and CEO Larry Baer to take leave of absence

Following an ugly incident with his wife, the Giants CEO will be taking a leave of absence.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the news around baseball lately has involved the fate of high profile free agents and the start of spring training, not all of it has and one ugly incident has been at the forefront. On March 1st, Giants President and CEO had a physical altercation with his wife involving a dispute over her cell phone which resulted in her falling to the ground and calling for help. The video of the incident has since been widely circulated and the league had already announced that they were investigating the incident.

Initially, both Baer and his wife tried to downplay the incident, but with outcry against Baer’s conduct building in the wake of the disturbing video, it now appears that Baer will be taking a leave of absence.

It is still unclear how this situation will unfold going forward. As of now, it does not look like Baer’s wife is going to press charges, but incident was very clearly documented on video and MLB could easily decide to take action based solely on the available information regardless of how the legal process plays out.

Moreover, it is entirely possible the Giants’ ownership and Board of Directors could take action independent of the legal or league findings. The end of the Giants’ statement does make a clear statement of their expectations as an organization which could ultimately lead them to moving on from Baer.