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2019 MLB Draft: Athletics select Logan Davidson with 29th overall pick

The A’s add a strong defensive shortstop with the 29th selection.

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

With the 29th pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, the Athletics selected switch-hitting shortstop Logan Davidson from Clemson University. Davidson brings with him a strong defensive pedigree at shortstop and some history of production at the plate in college, although his history with wood bats is much sketchier.

Davidson is tall and lanky, and his height coupled with his switch-hitting ability allows him to generate raw power, which means he should be able to adjust well to pitching in the minor leagues. Davidson also has decent speed, which helps him at shortstop and on the bases. Davidson has a great arm and a terrific glove to pair with it, allowing him to make plays from difficult positions while still being able to get the out.

Davidson does not have many concerns around him, but the one that he does have is a fairly important one. It has been pointed out that Davidson really struggles hitting with a wood bat, something that he will obviously have to do in affiliated ball. In two summers in the wood-bat Cape Cod League, Davidson posted just a .570 OPS with three home runs, as opposed to his two-plus seasons in Clemson when he used a metal bat to record a .939 OPS and a home run count of 42. Also pertaining to his swing comes the concern about his timing, but many scouts see this as something that can be easily fixed with Davidson.