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Joey Gallo to undergo surgery for broken hamate bone

The Rangers took a hit as their young slugger is set to go under the knife.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more intriguing players in Major League Baseball has been Joey Gallo. In an age where versatility and having a wide ranging skillset with some emphasis on power are valued commodities, there is Gallo who is the definition of a three true outcome hitter. He strikes out a lot, he walks a lot, and he hits a bunch of dingers.

Gallo had put together a nice season for the Rangers as he has slashed .253/.389/.598 with 22 homers in 70 games. Gallo had already missed a good bit of time earlier this season with an oblique injury and earlier this week, it was rumored that a wrist injury that has bothered him for a while (and likely contributed to his tough month of July) was likely to land him on the injured list. Now, we have some clarity.

The absence of Gallo severely hampers what lingering thoughts the Rangers may have had about snagging a wild card spot this year. The team sits at .500 right now (6.5 back in the crowded wild card race) and are losers of nine of their past 10 games.

As for Gallo, this is a large disappointment for a guy that, at least on a per game rate basis, was on pace for his best season yet. Hamate bone injuries can be tricky in terms of a recovery timetable, but one can expect that he will be out until at least September. If, as expected, the Rangers are not in contention by is likely that they will not rush Gallo back.