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Mookie Betts agrees to record $27 million arbitration contract with Red Sox

The young phenom is leaving yet another mark on baseball.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

In a season that has been marked by landmark contract deals, are we really surprised that a record-breaking arbitration deal came to fruition? Mookie Betts has worked out a $27M deal for his final arbitration year with the Red Sox, Mark Feinsand of MLB reports.

Not only is this a $7 million raise for Betts, but it surpassed Nolan Arenado’s previously held record of $26 million for an arbitration eligible player.

Boston has made it known that this year they will be chipping away at salary and considering how the team looks going into 2020’s AL East Division, this sum could have some real ramifications during the 2020 season. How Betts agreement factors into the Red Sox trying to unload Betts at the trade deadline will be a storyline to watch.

The 27-year old slashed .295/.391/.524 last season with 29 home runs. Betts also earned AL MVP during Boston’s 2018 World Series championship run and is widely considered to be among the best players in all of MLB.