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Rangers and catcher Robinson Chirinos agree to one year deal with team option for 2021

Robinson Chirinos is headed back to Texas.

World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Sometimes, teams make mistakes and refuse to acknowledge as such and are worse off for it. Other times, they own up to the mistake and make moves to rectify them. Today, the Rangers are one of the latter teams.

Robinson Chirinos was the Rangers’ primary catcher from 2013 to 2018. However, the Rangers felt that they could upgrade the position by signing Jeff Mathis to a two year deal which, in fairness, was a little cheaper on a per year basis than Chirinos was going to cost.

Well, Chirinos ended up heading to the Astros and saw some improvements while continuing to show some pop in his bat. As for Mathis, is best not to dwell too long on him and his sub-.450 OPS for the 2019 season. The Rangers clearly saw that they had made a serious error and have moved to remedy it.

This move does make the Rangers a little lighter in the wallet than they were planning...particular at a position where they thought, at the very least, that they had a really solid defensive players. However, Mathis was bad on both sides of the ball and Chirinos, while not a world beater by any stretch, being reintroduced to the roster should provide an immediate boost for a team that really needs one.

With their catcher situation seemingly under control now, there is the matter of getting a marquee name or two for a team that needs to create some buzz with the opening of a new ballpark soon.