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Red Sox cheating investigation has come to an end, Manfred tells ESPN

Baseball Commissioners during quarantine—they’re just like us! Procrastinating, that is.

MLB: AL Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Photo by Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

In a Scooby Doo style reveal, it appears the villain of the Red Six cheating scandal was...coronavirus all along? No, but it did greatly delay the investigation. This week, commissioner Robert Manfred revealed to ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt that he is done investigating the Red Sox alleged misuse of technology to steal signs. Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times reports that Manfred has not had time to write a formal report due to the virus, but plans on doing so before the beginning of the season. So he’s another thing to not-so-patiently continue to wait for!

However, when that season comes to fruition is still up in the air. Manfred is hopeful that we could still have live baseball in May, Evan Drellich of The Athletic reports. But the amount of preparation the league would need and the condition of our country are still heavily weighed factors in that call.