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Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner dies at age 63

Steinbrenner had been dealing with a longstanding health issue.

Derek Jeter Media Availability Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 63, as the team announced. Per the Yankees, he was dealing with a longstanding health issue — the New York Post’s Joel Sherman reports that his death was not COVID-19 related, and MLB Network’s Jon Heyman tweeted that he had been dealing with a liver ailment.

Steinbrenner began running the organization along with his brother Hal as their father George’s health deteriorated in the late 2000s. Hank, who gained a reputation as being outspoken just like his father, initially was more active in day-to-day operations than his brother. But by the time they officially inherited the team when “The Boss” passed away in July 2010, Hal had taken the lead role with Hank settling into the background.

Hal Steinbrenner will continue as managing general partner and chairperson. Their sisters, Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal and Jessica Steinbrenner, are general chairpersons and vice chairpersons.