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Hall of Fame induction ceremony moved to 2021

Sorry, Jeter superfans.

MLB: Baseball Hall of Fame Press Conference Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

Sincerest apologies to everyone who was excited to see this HOF class inducted and ready to scrounge for another morsel of baseball. MLB’s Jon Morosi is reporting that the Hall of Fame ceremony that was supposed to take place this summer will instead be bumped to 2021.

As apart of the official Hall of Fame’s statement, the noted that this is pretty much the only choice they have given the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, “In heeding the advice of government officials as well as federal, state and local medical and scientific experts, we chose to act with extraordinary caution in making this decision.”

The 2020 inductees will now share stage time and prestige with whomever the 2021 inductees are. While Derek Jeter made his way into the inductee class without any sweat, Larry Walker was finally voted in by the BBWAA on his final year of eligibility. Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller were respectively voted in by the Veterans Committee. Miller, who will be enshrined posthumously, was particularly vocal about not wanting to be voted into the Hall of Fame, making his induction a controversial one.

The contenders for the 2021 vote are scarce. Barry Bonds, Omar Vizquel, Curt Schilling, and Roger Clemens are all big names that could garner a large amount of support, however save for Vizquel, they each come with their fair share of asterisks and controversy. Gary Sheffield, Scott Rolen, and Billy Wagner who fell the mid range of votes recieved last year, could make a run up the ballot if any of those top guys fall out of favor.

Curt Schilling and Derek Jeter being inducted on the same stage might just be enough to cause mass riots. Still wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen to baseball in a year’s span.

Who do you think deserves to be voted into the Hall of Fame for 2021?