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The Brewers select outfielder Garrett Mitchell 20th overall in the 2020 MLB Draft

The Brewers add a talented outfielder with their first-round pick.

Washington v UCLA Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

With the 20th pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, the Brewers have selected outfielder Garrett Mitchell out of UCLA.

If you are looking for a player that has arguably the most tools in the entire draft, especially amongst college bats, then Garrett Mitchell out of UCLA is your guy. Based on talent alone, Mitchell is at least a top 10 guy as he regularly posts 80 grade times as a runner with some pop, real bat to ball skills, and a strong throwing arm. He has regularly produced in college with back to back .900+ OPS seasons in 2019 and the shortened 2020. He didn’t steal as many bases as you would expect from a guy with his sort of speed, but that could change with a change in approach and he will routinely take extra bases and beating out infield hits to help his hit tool play up.

The biggest question with Mitchell is his health and it is a tough to predict situation. While there are no recent injuries or surgeries in his medical history, he is a Type I diabetic which has already had several teams rumored to be either out on him or not willing to spend a top pick on him given concerns that his condition could lead to problems down the road. This is far from a universal opinion, though, and given his skill set and track record of production, Mitchell could end up being the best bargain of the entire draft.