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The Minnesota Twins select first baseman Aaron Sabato 27th overall in the 2020 MLB Draft

The power-hitting UNC prospect is heading to XXX

2019 ALDS Game 3 - New York Yankees v. Minnesota Twins Photo by Jordan Johnson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

With the 27th pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, the Twins have selected University of North Carolina first baseman Aaron Sabato.

Having drawn comparisons to the college version of Pete Alonso, Sabato struggled early during his freshman year (2019) but adjusted quickly and emerged as one of college’s top power hitters. He will be a pure power hitter for his entire career, but he has shown patience at the plate, too. Oftentimes, players who possess extreme power lack a consistent contact tool (and vice versa), but that does not appear to necessarily be the case for Sabato. He also has been able to extend at-bats and draw walks, which is something else that is rare in top power hitters.

Of course, every player has their fair share of weaknesses. For Sabato, his area of woefulness is defense. Although he possesses reliable hands, he is unathletic with poor range. He also had subpar arm strength after his freshman season, meaning he has not exhibited on the field what his surgically-repaired right shoulder is capable of.

Overall, Sabato will never be a base-stealer or defensive mastermind. However, his excellence at the plate could quite possibly translate to success at the next level.

Also, he hit a baseball off a tee and it dented the batter’s eye 420 feet away. So, there’s that.