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Meet the top two second basemen available in the 2020 MLB Draft

Don’t sleep on these second baseman when the first two rounds roll around.

In a draft class that has swerved away from ordinary at every turn, are you surprised that one of the most highly ranked prospects is a second baseman? Of course you’re not. Nothing is surprising anymore. Here are the two highest ranked second baseman in this year’s draft class:

Nick Gonzales, New Mexico State

I could start by ratting off very impressive stats that the second baseman/shortstop has accumulated in his college career, but the most impressive may be his .502 OBP during his 128-game time in college baseball. His hitting ability is undoubtably pure, and he’s been known to put up close to unreal numbers with his short swing and ridiculous amount of bat speed. During last summer’s Cape Cod League, he not only took home the MVP award, but did so with a .351/.451/.630 slash line. He battles in the box and is a contact hitter more so than a pure power hitter. However, Gonzales is known for his ridiculous work effort and on top of being dedicated to improving (to the point that it’s “obsessive”, as described by his father), he also packed on 15lbs of muscle right after muscle. There’s no way that in the right hands, he’ll go from a consistent doubles hitter to sending every other ball long in no time.

Despite the fact that the 21-year old has bounced back and forth between shortstop and second base, most scouts note that he likely does not have the range or arm to play shortstop in the big leagues. His 5-10 stature and decent speed have him better suited in the second base hole. Right now, most mock drafts have him being taken in the No. 4 spot by the Kansas City Royals.

Justin Foscue, Mississippi State

The sophomore second baseman’s shinning tool here is his defensive ability. While his arm and range fall right in line with an average second baseman, he has fast hands. Foscue and fellow draft mate for Mississippi Jordan Westburg make up one of the deadliest double-play combination in college baseball. He pulls most of his power from the right side after a complete overhaul of his swing after his freshman year.

While the All-American second baseman has an, “aggressive mentality”, he has consistent speed and contact that posses a large threat without a huge strikeout rate. His run times floated around average. With a high floor and strong instinct, the sophomore could easily go in the first two rounds of the draft.