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2020 MLB All-Star Game officially cancelled, Los Angeles to host in 2022

We knew this was coming, but it still stinks.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of dominoes that fall in a world where MLB only has a 60 game season and all parties involved have been working through the repercussions of that decision. There has already been talk about making sure that the lack of counting stats don’t impact players in arbitration and obviously there has been a lot of talk over how to construct the schedule with a limited slate of games.

However, the writing on the wall for a while has been that there wasn’t going to be an All-Star Game this year. How to hold such an event, especially with the spikes in cases that we have seen throughout the country, has been an unanswerable question especially with how difficult it seems to be to just get the regular season up and running.

Well, we officially got the bad news today along with some clarification.

Again, it isn’t a surprise that the game was cancelled and, by our reckoning, it is absolutely the right choice. Aside from the obvious benefits of not having a large scale event like the ASG for the health of the population as a whole, there is also the weirdness of selecting All-Stars from a sample size of like 20 games which I don’t think anyone was excited to see happen.

However, for the Dodgers, this meant the loss of a very coveted special event for the city of Los Angeles for reasons that were outside of their control. The solution here was a good one in that MLB simply went ahead and awarded LA with the next available All-Star Game which is in 2022 (Atlanta had already been selected as the site of the All-Star Game in 2021). This does push some other potential sites further down the road, but only marginally and given the circumstances, this seems like the fairest thing to do.