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Mets’ next two games postponed after player and coach test positive for COVID-19

MLB continues to adjust the schedule on the fly while trying to finish a season during a pandemic.

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets’ Thursday game against the Marlins and Friday’s series opener with the Yankees have been postponed after a player and coach tested positive for COVID-19. The Mets are the fourth team to have their season interrupted after one of their players tested positive for the coronavirus, joining the Marlins and Cardinals — both of whom endured extended shutdowns and massive outbreaks — as well as the Reds, who were shut down over the weekend after one player tested positive.

Obviously, more Mets games are in jeopardy of being postponed in the near future as the team continues to undergo testing and make sure that it doesn’t have a full-blown outbreak. The Reds were sidelined for four days, so that figures to be about the bare minimum going forward as the league attempts to learn from its early mistakes and avoid spread of the virus. That’d put the Mets’ entire three-game series with the Yankees in jeopardy of being postponed, which isn’t a terribly huge deal since the teams are scheduled to play again next weekend and could knock out a few of those games with doubleheaders.