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Tonight’s Cardinals game has been postponed due to additional positive COVID-19 test results, per report

We can’t have nice things.

MLB: MAR 29 Cardinals at Brewers Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Lets be always sounded insane that the Cardinals were going to be allowed to play their series against the Cubs. The Cardinals were still getting positive test results earlier this week and while the outbreak on the team did not appear to be as widespread and pernicious as the one that sidelined the Marlins for a week plus, it certainly wasn’t an isolated case or two.

Well, flash forward to today and while MLB had previously given the Cardinals their blessing to play this weekend’s series and the team planned to do so, a roadblock has been encountered.

While the fate of tonight’s game seems sealed based on Saxon’s reporting, what will be decided for the rest of the weekend and beyond depends entirely on the number of positive cases and how confident the team and the league are in their protocols and contact tracing. It is entirely possible that this was one positive test result that was isolated and won’t impact things too much. However, if this is an extension of the outbreak that had started several days ago and we are just seeing it expand further into the team’s roster, we could see a bunch more postponements.