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Giants-Padres game postponed after positive COVID-19 test within Giants organization

This is the first time an NL West team has been affected this season.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night’s game between the Giants and Padres was postponed after a member of the Giants organization tested positive for COVID-19, the team announced Friday night. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Kevin Acee had earlier reported that a Giants player tested positive:

Beyond the obvious concerns for the affected individual’s health, this is absolutely terrible baseball news for the surprising Giants, who are currently locked into a playoff spot and have been one of the majors’ hottest teams in recent weeks. If MLB sticks to the protocol it has followed with the Mets, Reds, and Athletics’ positive tests, the rest of this weekend’s series will be postponed, as well as their two-game set with the Mariners next Tuesday and Wednesday. The Giants finish the season with a three-game set against the Padres and could play doubleheaders on all three of those days or fit in a game or two on the Monday following the season. With the clock ticking on the regular season, it be tougher to make up the Mariners series — perhaps if doubleheaders with the Padres are scheduled for all three days from Sept. 25-27, the Mariners and Giants could play a doubleheader on Sept. 28.

It also doesn’t seem like an ideal time for the Padres, one of the majors’ hottest teams and a possible World Series contender, to take three straight days off. But they’ll presumably be back in action Monday against the Dodgers.