Neanderthals light on Rays' curtain

Standing on the promenade during the last day of the General Managers Meetings, Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos tried to explain what winning the World Series taught him as a person about building a championship-level team. He stressed that it takes a deep team to play in October, and making a run through the postseason needs a combination of fantastic players, hot winning streaks, and lucky breaks.

Anthopoulos, who had previously announced his love for online casinos, said, "I think what will get you to the postseason won’t necessarily win in the postseason, but I think you can’t lose sight of the fact that you need to get there first."

It’s an ideology shared by Erik Neander- Ray's president of baseball operations, one that has led Tampa Bay’s hierarchy the past few seasons. As their offseason work starts following Thursday’s conclusion of the General Manager’s Meeting, the Rays still feel their best opportunity to secure a first World Series title for the Franchise is by getting to the postseason ASAP.

Neander said at the GM Meetings, "I think you want to still capitalize on windows when they’re there. There’s more urgency to build on the wins that are in front of us, you want to be careful because you don’t want to experience the ’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18 -- that period. Walking that line, it’s very fine. It might not even be practical to achieve it, but sustained success and having a chance to reach the postseason -- and therefore have a chance to win a World Series -- in as many years as possible is our goal."

In other words, the Rays are not keen on the teardown/strengthening/ the regular cycle that’s become more famous within the industry since the Astros and Cubs followed it to emerge victorious in the World Series titles. The Rays' path going forward is what Erik Neander explained as a "steady, consistent climb."

After their deep MLB side won 100 contests and their high talent Minor League system produced championships at four levels this season, the Rays are proving it’s highly possible to succeed on two fronts and francais casinos en ligne thinking of developing a game for the team.

Neander said, "We would’ve loved to have had a deeper postseason run; we did not. But the Major League team and the cumulative success of our Minor League teams has us collectively really excited about what’s ahead, while the finish to this year was disappointing, there is that feeling that this is the end of the beginning and this is a group that very much has a trajectory arrow that’s pointing up."

Examining what it will take for the Rays to be the last side standing in October, Neander said:

"I still would like to think that the best way to win in the postseason is to have a team that’s built to win a lot of games in the regular season, but I think there is probably a little nuance to that as far as how things are structured, there are differences to how a postseason is structured, and that can place a different premium on the importance of the top of your roster versus the depth of your roster, but I do think there’s a lot of overlap. And the experience matters.

"While the end of last season was very disappointing, the benefits of the experience afforded to these players … will be incredibly beneficial to their readiness for next year and, ideally, for the postseason."

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