Twins found a new hitting coach in David Popkins

According to The Athletic, the Minnesota Twins have hired David Popkins as their new hitting coach.

David Popkins' hiring comes after the side drafted co-hitting coach Edgar Varela to a new position in October. The Twins also confirmed the reassignment of Kevin Morgan - major-league field coordinator, at the time of Varela's move but confirmed Morgan's role would not be filled.

David Popkins joins the Twins after serving as hitting coach for Minor League baseball side Great Lakes Loons, the Los Angeles Dodgers' High-A affiliate, in 2021. Hopkins played in the minor leagues between 2012 to 2014, where he recorded .278 hits with 14 HR and 96 RBI. In the year 2019, he signed a MiLBcontractas a free agent with the Dodgers but did not play for one of their affiliates that particular year.

As a player of the side, Popkinswent undrafted out of the University of California, Davis, and wound up playing three years for the St. Louis Cardinals as a Minor Leaguer, making it to Double-A. He also played parts of three years in independent ball before retiring in 2017 as a player.

Popkins will link up with Rudy Hernandez as the Twins’ two-hitting trainers on the staff. Before employing another hitting coach, Rocco Baldelli said early last month that Hernandez’s exact position could be affected "in minor ways," based on who they hired.

During that Zoom call, manager Baldelli spoke about the advancements on the hitting team starting to catch up to some of the development on the pitching side, and the advantage of a technical hitting trainer as a result.

Baldelli said in October via online casino Australia, "The technical aspect of swing work and a lot of the other advancements that are going on in our game and especially on the hitting side at a pretty rapid rate, that will be at least a strong consideration, talking about all of those things, … I do think a lot of different advancements in the game are happening as we speak, and I think someone that can tap into those things, that will be a big part of what we’re doing here."

The Twins come into this offseason in dare need of three crucial members for Baldelli’s coaching crew: a hitting coach, a major league coach, and a bench coach. Followed by the retirement of major league trainer Bill Evers and the reassignments of Edgar Varela and field coordinator of major league Kevin Morgan, who was promoted after the passing of bench trainer Mike Bell.

Baldelli said in October via casinolariviera, "With the passing of Mike Bell, with Bill Evers retiring at the end of this year, we knew that we were going to be rearranging the staff and that there were things that we knew were in front of us, that we were going to have to face and discuss and talk about and now, we have to find the best mix where we can handle all of the different duties that a Major League staff has to do."

Meanwhile, Seven-time Major League Baseball All-Star Nelson Cruz will be this year's beneficiary of the Roberto Clemente Award for his on and off work for the baseball diamond.

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