Detroit Tigers ready to allow spectators back into the stadium

Detroit Tigers, who have not played in front of their fans, are now reported ready to welcome back their fans into the stands.

The catch, however, is that there can only be a limited attendance to attend their spring training games at Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, Florida. This was made known to the public via city director of parks and recreation Bob Donahay as will be confirming their stance on the matter later.

While this has been reported, the Tigers are yet to announce the approval of Major League Baseball regarding their proposal to allow fans to return to their seats for the Grapefruit League exhibition games. To acquire a ticket, the fans will have to contact Lakeland Box Office.


To adhere to the health and safety guidelines, city officials claimed that the capacity for seating in the spectator stands will be reduced to just 2,00 fans, which is more than 20 percent of the stadium's 9,000 maximum capacity. Tickets will be purchased socially distant pods of two and four seats.

Pepsi Porch, which is considered party areas in the stadium, in the right field, and grass-covered berm beyond the left-field will only be operating at a reduced capacity.

"The 2021 Grapefruit League season will go on as scheduled but there will be a few changes for the fans and ticket holders," Donahay said in a news release. "Major League Baseball has approved of our plan, and to keep physical distancing protocols, seating capacity will be reduced by approximately 20% to 2,000, and tickets will be sold in pods of two or four with six-foot distancing standards in place between pods."

Following the health and safety protocols, all spectators at the stadium will be required to put on their protective masks.

Due to health issues, there will not be on-field or pre-game activities, just as fan-player interactions will not be permitted until further notice. New guidelines to be included will be made public by the city officials in the coming weeks and real money casino games have been created for the fans to entertain themselves in the mean time.

The Tigers will return to action for spring training on February 26 in an exhibition game against Southeastern University in Lakeland, before the opening of the Grapefruit League competition on February 27 in Tampa against the New York Yankees.

Detroit Tigers will be pitched against Boston Red Sox at their home Joker Marchant Stadium. The Tigers will be playing 17 Grapefruit League games at home, and this includes the exhibition game.

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