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Mets make 10 year, $325 million extension offer to Francisco Lindor

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When the Mets traded for shortstop Francisco Lindor (along with Carlo Carrasco) back in early January, the intent was not just to have Lindor be a one year rental. Say what you want to about Amed Rosario, Andres Gimenez, and the other players involved in that trade, but those guys had real value to the Mets and wouldn’t be given up for a rental.

As a result, ever since he became a Met, the discussion has circled around whether or not he would actually SIGN an extension with the Mets. This was hastened by Lindor’s deadline that if he was going to sign an extension, that it would have to be by Opening Day as he did not want to have negotiations bleed into the season.

It appears that the Mets have put their best foot forward.

Given the market, the state of baseball currently, and just the sheer size of a $325 million deal, its fair to have the knee jerk reaction of “Lindor needs to take the money”. After all, if he were to sign it, it would become one of the richest deals in baseball history and would certainly be the richest deal in the Mets’ stories history (friendly reminder that they are still paying Bobby Bonilla).

However, Lindor is on the shortlist of the best players in baseball and he plays at a premium position. Its pretty crazy to think that he could do better than what the Mets are offering, but teams are not stupid and knew that this coming free agent class, particularly at shortstop, could be one of the best we see for a long time, and if Lindor thinks another team would be a better fit and could match or beat the Mets offer next year...well, things could get very interesting.