Three top Baseball-themed slot popular in Canada

Baseball is one of the most prominent sports known across the world and it is ranked 4th as the most popular sports in Canada through an analytical survey. It is enjoyed by people across the world. Being the player, or a fan that spectate from the stands or you're watching it at the comfort of your sofa, baseball brings that exciting feeling that makes it relaxing and enjoyable to everyone watching the game.

And because you love the popular sport, you find yourself wanting to play the game yourself or with your friends as a team. If that can't be done on your part, we will suggest one other way to feed your passion for baseball.

When you can't find the perfect spot to play the game with your team, you should consider channeling your passion into a real money online casino in Canada. Sports themed online slots have become a popular trend in the last few years, so it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect baseball-themed online slots that could satiate your hunger for the popular sport. We will also be listing out few baseball-themed online slots worthy of being checked out by you, as most of them are popularly being played by baseball lovers in Canada. The top-quality baseball-themed online slots are listed below; enjoy.


Golden Glove

Golden Glove is one of the popular baseball-themed slot games known in Canada, and is being played in online casinos in Canada according to Golden Glove is five reels and 20 pay lines video slots that feature a progressive jackpot which will help the players win big if they are lucky enough.

It also has an RTP of 95% which could be considered quite average in the slots world, along with symbols of iconic pictures you can easily find in a baseball game, and there are interesting features to make a player excited. Developed and designed by Real Time Gaming, Golden Glove possess quality graphics and sound effects along with a Wild symbol, an auto play option if you're less interested in spinning the reels yourself, a scatter symbol, free spins, and a multiplier. All these features were tailored out to make it exciting for the players.

King of the Swing

From its name, you can ascertain that it has everything to do with MLB and all things related. The moment you launch this baseball-themed online slot, you'll get the feeling players to get when they walk into a baseball stadium with spectating fans screaming in excitement.

The symbols in these slot games are all thing related to baseballs like the stadium food such as soda and hot dogs, baseball shoes, a batting helmet, baseball trading cards and many more. King of the Swing offers that animated look to make it more appealing to the players. It is five reels and 25 paylines video slot with two different Wild symbols, multipliers, free spins rounds, a scatter symbol and a progressive jackpot.

Hot Shot

Hot Shot is another popular baseball-themed slot games known in Canada for its distinct style of graphics which brings an animated feeling for an appealing look and light-hearted feel. Designed and developed by Microgaming, which is one of the leaders among software providers, Hot Shot is five reels and 9 paylines with two special symbols. While it doesn't include many features, Hot Shot is still considered to be one of the best.

Here is the list; you can get more by browsing through the internet of online casinos.

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