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2021 MLB Draft: Round Two Draft Pick Tracker with reactions

Day two of the 2021 MLB Draft is underway.

2021 Major Leauge Baseball Draft Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

After a wild round one of the 2021 MLB Draft, day two of the MLB Draft is now underway. Below you will find the picks as they happen as well as our quick, instant reactions to each pick.

Round Two

37. Pirates - Anthony Solometo, HS LHP

Really great pick. Solometo has a funky deliver, but the stuff from the left side looks like first round material and he was a top overslot target for Day Two

38. Rangers - Aaron Zavala, Oregon OF

A better player than where he was rank in some publications. This guy can really hit.

39. Tigers - Izaac Pacheco, HS SS

Another top overslot day two target. this lefty bat has big time power and got some first round buzz before the draft

40. Red Sox - Jud Fabian, Florida OF

Oozes athleticism and can really defend in center, but has big hit tool concerns. Saw his stock fall after coming in as a potential high pick this season.

41. Orioles - Connor Norby, 2B East Carolina

Norby can really hit, there are just questions as to whether he will be an impact bat and second base isn’t exactly a premium position.

42. Diamondbacks - Ryan Bliss, Auburn SS

May have to shift over to second base because of his arm as a pro and doesn’t really hit for power, but he can hit and gets the most out of his tools.

43. Royals - Ben Kudrna, HS RHP

Really strong pick here. Love the delivery that creates deceptions and weird angles making for uncomfortable at-bats and the kid throws strikes.

44. Rockies - Jaden Hill, RHP

If he doesn’t get hurt, he is a top 10 pick. Rockies get a really interesting buy low pick here.

45. Angels - Ky Bush, LHP

Bush was getting heat in the late first round and the Angels end up getting him

46. Mets - Calvin Ziegler, HS RHP

Probably the top Canadian draft prospect in this year’s class. If he played stateside where more scouts could see him over the past year, he had a chance to be a first rounder. Projectible kid with a good fastball.

47. Nationals - Daylen Lyle, HS OF

Tremendous hit tool for a prep bat. Great pick.

48. Mariners - Edwin Arroyo, HS SS

Glove first shortstop right now, but scouts seem to love his potential at the plate. Bit of a project there, though.

49. Phillies - Ethan Wilson, South Alabama OF

If Wilson gets to go the Cape Cod League, he probably plays his way into the first round. This guy can rake.

50. Giants - Matt Mikulski, Fordham LHP

Was rumored to be a preferred underslot option for first round teams because he is a college senior. Had a great year for Fordham.

51. Brewers - Russell Smith, TCU LHP

Huge framed lefty that teams seemed to like, but it is a bit of a surprise to see him picked this high. Doesn’t throw as hard as you would think for a guy this big.

52. Marlins - Cody Morrisette, Boston College SS

Slow start to the season, but this guy can play anywhere in the infield and can hit.

53. Reds - Andrew Abbott, Virginia LHP

Virginia players have a spotty record as major leaguers. Could be a way to save a little money given that he is a senior.

54. Cardinals - Joshua Baez, HS OF

Big time power in a prep bat. Had a chance to go in the first round but swing and miss concerns pushed him down a bit.

55. Yankees - Brendan Beck, Stanford RHP

Family has baseball pedigree, but this seems a tad high for this Beck.

56. Cubs - James Triantos, HS SS

Fantastic pick. Triantos has tons of potential especially if he grows into a bit more power.

57. White Sox - Wes Kath, HS 3B

58. Indians - Doug Nikhazy, Ole Miss LHP

59. Braves - Spencer Schwellenbach, Nebraska SS/RHP

60. Athletics - Zack Gelof, Virginia 3B

61. Twins - Steven Hajjar, Michigan LHP

62. Padres - James Wood, HS OF

63. Rays - Kyle Manzardo, Washington St. 1B