What the Mets Can Learn from the Giants

The New York Mets have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. A series of poor results and a blast on Twitter from owner Steven Cohen about the hitters being "unproductive" have put the spotlight firmly on the team.

Yet, could there be some things that they could learn from the Giants and other MLB teams to get back on track?

A Look at the Mets’ Current Problems

In all of the current analysis of the form issues suffered by the Mets, we can see several recurring factors. One of them is the lack of productivity with the hitters that owner Cohen alluded to. At the time of writing, they have just slumped to a meek 4-1 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This was their 4th straight loss to the Dodgers, and it saw their overall drop to below .500. This was a continuation of a dismal August that has seen the team from NY struggle for wins. Indeed, they recently suffered two losses to the San Francisco Giants with just one win. What can the Mets learn from this spell?

Scoring with Runners on Bases

One of the issues that have dogged the Mets this season has been an inability to take advantage of having runners in good positions on the bases. This was particularly noticeable in the series opener against the Giants, as they wasted a number of opportunities like this.

It is a basic issue that any MLB team needs to sort out, and the Giants are one of the teams to show them how to do it in recent weeks. If the Mets are to get back to consistent winning ways, they are going to have to find a way to become more productive and take advantage of these opportunities.

Pitching Stability

Things also haven’t been all that great when it is the turn of the Mets pitchers to act. A lack of stability and consistency has seen them fail to stop other teams from scoring fairly heavily. A good example came in this 5-7 series opener against the Giants, when a good start went to waste as the Giants picks up a number of runs in quick succession as the Mets’ pitching fell apart.

The Mets have seen in recent weeks how the Giants and other MLB teams have ruffled them by using a revolving roster of several pitchers who each performs to a high standard during the game. This has stopped their hitters from settling into a good rhythm and it is something that they need to look at doing themselves to get out of the rut they are stuck in currently.

Better Discipline at the Plate

In truth, the Mets’ offense should be up there with the best in the league. They have some big hitters and some of their numbers are up there with the best in the MLB. So what is the problem that is stopping them from reaching the sort of productivity levels that their owner wants to see them produce?

One of the main issues here seems to be a lack of plate discipline. A look at the figures suggests that the Mets’ hitter swing at more pitches than just about anyone in the league. A more disciplined approach that sees them choose their moments more wisely should help to boost their numbers from now on.

With a packed schedule ahead, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for the Mets to learn from the Giants and other teams. If they don’t do this, it could turn into a long, difficult season for the team from New York.

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