The Countdown

Now that the Winter Meetings have ended, the countdown to Spring Training has begun. Before you know it, we will be in a New Year and a new time. Baseball, as many know, is the greatest game played and is such a part of the American Culture, that baseball shapes the lives of many.

So, the many signings that have taken place, only makes teams better — or worse? While we painstakingly go through this Hot Stove Season, let’s remember the Holidays and what it is all about. Let’s remember that each day, is a great day. That each step is a great step. That each baseball free agent signing, is a great signing.

In this time baseball is always present. Baseball, of course, is baseball. Last week I walked by the MLB store on Sixth Avenue in New York City and glanced in the window like a kid in the candy store. Also, this time of the year I love the city and what it is all about. I saw the Christmas tree also at Rock Center and it is beautiful. But, it seems baseball always crosses my mind. With the temperature about 30 degrees, the fresh cut grass and the image of a diamond came into mind. I said soon real soon that the time to "playball" will happen.

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