Why didn't the Padres make any moves at the deadline?


I literally gasped when I read this. Just ... wow.

Tulo will look good with the Blue Jays


Does the game add a little weight, though?

Rajai Davis just followed every Cardinals person on Twitter


Why is this important? No reason! Probably means nothing, but it could mean something, but it probably doesn't, but it could.

Did Moreno back the wrong guy?


Mike Scioscia has undoubtedly been successful as the manager of the Angels, but maybe Arte Moreno should have stuck with his whiz kid GM.

Wait, this isn't over yet?


The lack of official announcement is the real tell, here.

Confirmed: Dipoto out as GM


The Angels need a new GM, as Dipoto is no longer the man in charge.

Angels GM Jerry Dipoto's ultimatum to Owner Moreno backfired


Jerry Dipoto went to Arte Moreno and left without a job

'News happening' in Scioscia-DiPoto rift per Crasnick


Further evidence an Angels shake up might be on the way.

Ron Santo would be proud


Check out the height and style of #10 Carli Lloyd's heel click in the background, as she celebrates after scoring the only goal from the US 1-0 victory over China in yesterday's World Cup action.

Diamondbacks 'not inclined' to trade for starting pitching


Arizona may rely on its internal options.