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2013 Contract Options

Group for "exercising options" series.

Exercising options: Cleveland Indians

Grady Sizemore is still hurt, manager Manny Acta has been given the axe, and now the Indians must decide what to do with three veterans who have been disappointments for very different reasons.

Exercising options: Minnesota Twins

The Twins have two players with club options for 2013 -- Scott Baker and Matt Capps. While the arm injuries still linger for the pair, the Twins will have to make a decision relatively soon on their options for next season.

Exercising options: Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals have only one player with a 2013 contract option, and that player is seriously injured. Should the pick up Joakim Soria's option as a show of goodwill?

Exercising options: Chicago White Sox

A brief rundown of the 2013 contract options for the White Sox. Should the Chi Sox hang on to Gavin Floyd?

Exercising Options: Detroit Tigers

As the Detroit Tigers battle the White Sox for who wants the AL Central the least, they also have a few decisions to make on the contract option front. Two players--reliever Octavio Dotel and shortstop Jhonny Peralta--have club options for 2013.

Exercising Options: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners may have the easiest decision to make of any team in baseball regarding their contract options for the 2013. The Mariners only have one player with an option year on his contract for next season, and that player is Miguel Olivo.

Exercising Options: Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics probably have other things on their mind than whether to pick up the two out-standing 2013 contract options facing them But if Billy Beane does get a minute, their two options -- Grant Balfour and Stephen Drew -- are intriguing

Exercising Options: Texas Rangers

While the Texas Rangers have six players eligible for free agency at the season's end, they only have one player with a contract option for 2013: right-hander Scott Feldman.

Exercising Options: Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels have three players with contract options at season's end: catcher Chris Iannetta and two veteran starters who have experienced very disappointing years. Who should the Angels hang on to: Ervin Santana or Dan Haren? [poll]