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MLBDD Editorials

MLB-MLBPA deal will significantly change draft for next two seasons — and likely beyond

This could have disastrous consequences for amateur players.

Félix Hernández and the 20 other weirdest late-career team changes in MLB history

As weird as all of these images are, none of them are photoshopped. We promise.

What’s the weirdest pitching delivery in MLB history?

Since arriving in the majors last month, Giants right-hander Tyler Rogers has dominated opposing hitters with a deceptive delivery. Is it the weirdest of all time?

What would the MLB postseason look like if the regular season ended today?

Here’s analysis and a breakdown of all 10 teams and their matchups.

Is the home run barrage throughout baseball bad for the game?

Is it possible that we’ve reached the point where baseball features too many homers?

MLB trade deadline: 15 under-the-radar candidates to be moved

These 15 trade candidates aren’t going to make headlines if they’re dealt, but they could provide quality depth to contenders.

The problem with MLB having only one trade deadline

The inability of teams to make trades in August will lead to some really tough roster decisions over the season’s final two months.

5 takeaways from the first night of the 2019 MLB Draft

It was a great night for shortstops and catchers, a bad night for pitching, and an interesting night for teams bucking tradition.

12 MLB players who are having bounce-back seasons in 2019

These 12 players look like their old selves through the first seven weeks of the 2019 season. Can they keep it up?

Hunter Dozier is quietly turning into a star

Who’s the AL leader in slugging percentage and OPS? None other than Hunter Dozier.

MLB’s revised roster rules could end up punishing the players

Tony Clark and Co. once again agreed to rule changes that may punish baseball’s middle and lower classes.

Still unsigned with spring training underway, Dallas Keuchel faces an uphill battle in 2019

History suggests that Keuchel is likely to struggle this season.

Do MLB free agents cost themselves money by waiting longer to sign?

Does it make more sense for players to sign at the beginning of the offseason rather than waiting for a better offer?

10 storylines to follow throughout the rest of the MLB offseason

The slow free-agent market has made this MLB offseason a rather quiet one. Here are 10 storylines to hold you over while we wait for spring training.

After signing Josh Donaldson, should the Braves gauge the trade market for Johan Camargo?

Having Camargo on the bench would be a fantastic luxury, but should the Braves instead trade their displaced third baseman in order to address other needs?

Erik Kratz is the best story of the 2018 MLB Postseason

After becoming the oldest position player to make his postseason debut since 1905, Kratz played a huge role in propelling the Brewers to the NLCS.

Losing Eric Hosmer may have been a blessing in disguise for the Royals

Hosmer has been mediocre through his first season in San Diego, while his replacement in Kansas City has been spectacular since getting called up.

10 players who got snubbed out of a September call-up in 2018

We all know that Vlad Jr. and Eloy Jimenez deserve to be in the majors this month, but here are a few more worthy minor-leaguers who got snubbed.

Previewing the 2018-2019 MLB Free Agent Class

What once looked like one of the best free-agent classes in MLB history suddenly doesn’t look so alluring.

The Rays’ success shouldn’t earn their front office a free pass

An unheralded Rays roster has overachieved this year, but that doesn’t mean the front office should get a pass for trading nearly all of the team’s established veterans.

MLB’s 20 best breakout players of 2018

It’s never too late to take your career to the next level, as these 20 players have proven this season.

Which MLB team has the best roster for a postseason run?

Having the deepest roster in the majors certainly doesn’t guarantee you a World Series, but it sure doesn’t hurt, either.

Manny Machado isn’t the final missing piece to the Dodgers’ puzzle

Manny Machado gives the Dodgers’ lineup a huge boost, but he alone doesn’t transform them into a World Series favorite.

Maybe Jose Bautista has something left in the tank after all

It’s largely gone unnoticed since he’s playing for one of the NL’s worst teams, but Jose Bautista has a .425 OBP with the Mets.

Bryce Harper isn’t a ‘losing player,’ but we might be overvaluing him

No, Bryce Harper is not a "losing player." But it’s completely fair to wonder if he’s worth $400 million.

The Giants’ selection of Joey Bart could create an awkward situation

The Giants understandably selected the best player available at No. 2 overall, but does that mean someone will have to be voted off the island soon?

Recapping Day 1 of the 2018 MLB Draft

There weren’t many huge surprises during the draft’s first day, but high-floor college players were a common theme.

40 late-round MLB Draft picks who have proven themselves

Just because you’re not an early draft pick doesn’t mean you can’t be a great major-leaguer.

What can be done to make the MLB Draft more exciting?

It shouldn’t be that hard for MLB to make its draft more popular than the NHL’s, right? Here’s what they can do to increase interest.

With high-priced free-agent starters struggling, Colon and Mikolas providing great value

As free-agent starting pitching additions like Yu Darvish, Lance Lynn, and Alex Cobb struggle, Bartolo Colon and Miles Mikolas are thriving.

FanPost Friday: Pondering pace of play

Starting a man on second during extra innings sounds like a great idea until it’s not.

Derek Jeter is somehow even worse than Jeffrey Loria at owning the Marlins

Jeter’s two months at the helm have been tone-deaf, incompetent, and callous, and Rob Manfred may need to save him from himself.