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MLBDD Editorials

10 Halloween Costume Ideas for the Baseball Inclined Couple

Don’t be that Joker and Harley Quinn couple. You’re better than that.

Pablo Sandoval earned every penny

Major League Baseball is set up to exploit players when they’re young, and have earned every penny they get in free agency, even if the deal is a bust.

Leadership, Language, Latinos, and Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt’s ignorance is an opportunity for us to examine how the game has changed for the better in the last 30 years, through the contributions of international players.

These managers are on the hot seat in 2017

Slow starts and chaotic clubhouses portend problems for five MLB managers.

A really simple draft strategy

Don’t think too hard and just take the best players that you can.

Blue Jays respond perfectly to Kevin Pillar’s homophobic slur

Wasting little time, Toronto has suspended their center fielder for two games, sending exactly the right message to him, the league, and to us.

FanPost Friday: Who was your childhood baseball hero?

This week’s FanPost prompt takes us all on a trip down memory lane.

Stop throwing at hitters, you jackasses!

Nobody’s interests are served when pitchers try to hit batters, and one of these days somebody is going to get really hurt.

MLB should penalize any club who won’t police their fans

Clearly, teams need some incentive eliminate racist heckling and protect its players from idiots in the bleachers.

Jurickson Profar demoted to Triple-A

Once the most exciting prospect in baseball, Profar is broken and will need to fight to reclaim his career.

Losing Adam Eaton is not the Nats’ biggest problem

Even as they struggle to replace their center fielder, Washington is still well positioned to win the NL East. But what happens then?

Madison Bumgarner out 6-8 weeks with dirt bike injury

The Giants’ ace lefty has a sprained shoulder, bruised ribs and, presumably, wounded pride.

David Freese is the strongest player in Major League Baseball

In opening up about his struggles with clinical depression, substance abuse, and mental health, the Pirates third baseman demonstrates some amazing courage.

FanPost Friday: Should MLB make PEDs legal?

This week’s FanPost prompt tackles a new spin on an old problem.

Is a combined no-hitter a real no-hitter?

We haven’t been this divided since a hot dog suddenly became a sandwich.

Major League Baseball will never be rid of PEDs

No matter how draconian the penalties or how sensitive the tests become, MLB will never be able to eradicate PEDs. It’s time to stop trying.

MLB still needs to do more to increase diversity

While more than 40 percent of the league is non-white, almost every manager and front office decision maker remains white and male.

Is there hope for the Mariners and Blue Jays?

Off to the worst starts in Major League Baseball, at least one of these teams still has a shot at the postseason.

Should you trust Dan Duquette?

The Orioles have been one of the most successful clubs in Baseball. And yet, nobody seems to think their GM knows what he’s doing. And with good reason.

We surveyed 3,503 baseball fans about their team’s front office. This is what they said:

Our fourth Front Office Confidence Survey was a massive success, but not as big a success as the Indians and Cubs were, apparently.

Rob Manfred is trying to thread an impossibly small needle on domestic violence

Jeurys Familia’s suspension may not be long enough for you, but it’s clear that MLB is committed to treat each allegation against its players seriously.

2017 Front Office Confidence Survey - Preseason Edition

How confident are you in your team's front office heading into the regular season after a slow winter?

Offseason In Review: Indians reload, sign Encarnacion in hopes to bring home title

Salazar, Carrasco return to rotation, Encarnacion’s big bat may help Tribe win first World Series since 1948.

Offseason-in-Review: Despite a good offseason, the Marlins can’t fill their biggest hole

The loss of Jose Fernandez still looms over every decision in the front office and everything that will happen on the field.

Tim Anderson’s extension is great for him, but bad for young ballplayers

Anderson’s deal sets him up for life while highlighting that most of baseball’s best players are still drastically being underpaid.

Offseason In Review: The Blue Jays would like a do-over

Toronto jumped the gun and lost out on Edwin Encarnacion, who could have been a difference maker in the AL playoff race.

Offseason-In-Review: The Orioles zag while everyone else is zigging

While everyone else is building around defense, the Orioles are happy to take the sluggers other teams are throwing out.

Offseason-In-Review: The Red Sox separate themselves from the rest of the AL East

Dave Dombrowski was hired to put Boston over the top, and he made moves to do just that this offseason.

Rockies lose “first baseman” Ian Desmond to broken hand

In the first of what’s likely to be a long line of disappointments for Coloradans in 2017, their big offseason acquisition is out for a month.

Offseason-In-Review: The Nationals load up for another run at the NL pennant

The Nationals are living on borrowed time before Bryce Harper hits free agency. Is this the year they take a step forward?

Jerry Dipoto makes another trade to stave off his impending doom

If Jerry Dipoto stops trading, he will die.

The White Sox will release Brett Lawrie

In another universe, Brett Lawrie challenged Mike Trout last year for the AL MVP. In this one, he’s out of a job.


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